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Dr. Aki Ogura is the First International Japanese American Chiropractor in Vietnam as well in Singapore that specializes in treating Disc Herniation.  

Dr. Aki believes that correcting the “Subluxation” - the misalignment of the bone that impinges the spinal nerve supply that causes structural, chemical, and emotional problems - is the key to being healthy. 

Dr Aki strongly emphasizes the “Triad of Health” – Structural (bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments, & tendons), Chemical (nutrition & diet), and Mental (emotions & stress) for optimal wellness care in order to help patients in various conditions.

The body will heal itself and that health begins with the Subluxation-free spine.  When the Triad of Health is in balance, the body will be in full potential and leads to a pain free and disease free life. 

Triad of Health

Physical, Chemical, Mental in Balance

"Be Postive, Be Healthy,and Be Strong" - Dr. Aki

  • Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS) / Los Angeles Chiropractic College (LACC) – Doctor of Chiropractic Degree (DC)

  • University of California University, Irvine (UCI) – Bachelor of Arts Japanese Language and Literature (BA) / Sports Medicine – Athletic Trainer

  • The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Certificate of Attainments (Parts I, II, III & IV Certificate No. 124083)

  • The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Certificate of Attainments (Physiotherapy Certificate No. 86456)

  • State of California Board of Chiropractic Examiners License (License No. DC 32081)

  • Singapore Chiropractic License (G5230951X)

  • Vietnam Chiropractic License (So: 0027258)

  • International College of Applied Kinesiology 100 Hour Postgraduate Applied Kinesiology Certification 

  • Gonstead Seminar of Chiropractic: Gonstead Extremity Certification

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • Gonstead Technique

  • Neurological Emotional Technique (NET)

  • Total Body Modification (TBM)

  • Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP)

  • Rock Tape Certified

  • Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM)

  • Lifeguard Training

  • Athletic Trainer Training

  • Professional and College level Sports Medicine

  • Standard First Aid

  • Adult CPR / Child CPR / Infant CPR

  • Soccer Club Physical Fitness/Coach/Semi–Professional Player

  • Fluent in Japanese and English






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