Disc Herniation and Chiropractic

Dr. Aki is one of the very few doctors who specialize spinal disc herniation Internationally (USA, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam).

What is a Disc Herniation

The disc is a circle of cartilage between each vertebra in the spine that acts as both a shock absorber and a shock distributor.  Without discs, the spine simply could not function.  Discs are made up of concentric circles or rings of fibrous material with a tough gelatinous center.  When cracks or fissures occur in the fibrous rings, the gelatinous material in the center can begin to push out.  Some different factors may cause the disc to slip.  Discs depend on water to keep their height and perform efficiently.  When we are young, discs have their circulation that helps keep them hydrated.  As we get older, this circulation ends and the spine must move so that water can be drawn into the discs.  If discs become dehydrated and lose their height, they become more vulnerable to cracks and fissures. 

Chiropractic Holistic Care and Disc Injuries

Chiropractor is taught to treat disc conditions as a part of the curriculum at all Chiropractic Colleges.  Patients who want to consider conservative care for their low back and leg pain should consult a Chiropractor.  Dr. Aki is licensed International Doctor in the U.S., Singapore and Vietnam and can help you restore your disc back to normal function.  Disc Herniation can be symptomatic or asymptomatic.  When a healthy disc is herniated, it starts to degenerate due to the inadequate amount of fluid and nutrient going in and inadequate waste material from the disc going out.  Dr. Aki's method is designed to reverse the degeneration process by restoring the disc health through Chiropractic treatment, which also includes specific exercises and supplements.

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